Department of Tamil

List of Faculties

S.No.Name of the StaffQualificationDesignationE - Mail
1Dr. A. JagathesanMA., MA(Ling).,MPhil.,PhD.Assistant Professor and
2Dr P. MuruganandamMA., MPhil., PhD.Assistant Professor
3Dr P. VairamoorthyMA., MA(Ling).,MPhil.,B.Ed.,PhD.Associate
4Dr K. GopinathanMA., MPhil., BEd., PhD.Assistant Professor (T)
5Mr M. KarnanMA., MPhil., BEd.Assistant Professor (T)
6Mr R. JayarajMA., MPhil.Assistant Professor (T)
7Dr P. SakthivelMA., MPhil., PhD.Assistant Professor (T)
8Ms R. VijayalakshmiMA., MPhil.Assistant Professor (T)
9Ms K. ThenmozhiMA., MPhil.Assistant Professor (T)
10Mr G. SivakumarMA., MPhil.Assistant Professor (T)
11Ms. C.K. RenugaMA., B.Ed., Dtk., Tpt.Assistant Professor (T)